Cross Linked Fire Retardant Polyolefin Foam Insulation (The Longest Lasting Insulation)

Since 1972 Trocellen has been a successful brand of Dynamit Nobel and HT Troplast. In 1976, TROCELLEN, and Furukawa Electric Company of Japan, signed a technology agreement for the production in Europe of chemically crosslinked polyethylene foams.  Since that early time, TROCELLEN has grown into a multination company, supplying its foams and products on a worldwide basis.

By 2000 the brand and the product portfolio of Trocellen was transformed into an independent company – the Trocellen GmbH with massive investments made into production capacities and technology, enabled Trocellen to become the only European foam producer offering both chemically cross-linked and physically cross-linked foams for various industries not just in Europe but worldwide.

The initial partnership made between TROCELLEN and Furukawa in 1976 turned a full circle on December 2005, when the Furukawa Electric Company, in partnership with Japanese chemical company Otsuka, acquired the entire TROCELLEN business from the previous owners. Today Furukawa is the sole owner of Trocellen worldwide.

Products :


Duct Insulation

Trocellen for duct insulation is used to prevent condensation and it also offers a long lasting and constant thermal insulation.

Trocellen Duct insulation materials can be easily applied to the metal ducts through a process of pre-adhesion. 

Roof Insulation

Trocellen Roof Insulation provides highly effective thermal insulation and an effective vapour barrier. 

Trocellen Roof Insulation helps to reduce indoor temperature, and this saves on cooling energy. In addition to energy savings, it also acts as a sound barrier to external noise.

Tubular Pipe Insulation

Trocellen Tubular Pipe Insulation offers a wide range of solutions for thermal insulation of tubular pipe to achieve the best possible energy savings.

Selection of the types of wall thickness of the insulation tubes largely depends on the external weather temperature and atmospheric humidity conditions where the pipelines are installed. 

Raised Floor Insulation

Trocellen insulation is used for under floor insulation, where raised access floors are used for server rooms or for under floor air-conditioning.

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