The Future of Air Dispersion

FabricAir Combi is available with both permeable and non permeable fabric. The fabric is strong and durable – it comes with a 10 year warranty (FabricAir Combi 20 and Combi 30 is 5 year). FabricAir Combi is Oeko-Tex certified. All suspension types can be used, including All-in-One, which always keeps the duct stretched out even when the air is removed from the system.

FabricAir Combi is machine washable and retains its dimensions after washing (max. 0.5% shrinkage). The permeability is uniform (max. 0.5% variation). The fabric is supplied in nine standard colors. FabricAir Combi 80 and Combi 90 are supplied with a specially developed antimicrobial treatment, which is especially suited for areas with strict hygiene requirements.

Salient Features :

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