High Performance Cooling Towers

NS Cooling Towers Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of Nihon Spindle Manufacturing Co. Ltd., a leading Japanese company in the field of evaporative heat transfer technology. Our cooling towers feature high performance though uncompromised qualities, and are widely used all over the world for HVAC and industrial applications. Our products are well-known and trusted for their reliability, low noise performance, energy & space saving design and extensive support services.

NS Cooling Towers also has manufacturing plants around Asia regions such as Dalian in China. We cover the Malaysian and worldwide market except China and Japan. Our export sales have also grown to include countries in South East Asia, the Middle East, Australia, Pakistan, African continent and also Puerto Rico.

Products :

Nihon Spindle KGS Series

Nihon Spindle UXN Series

Field Proven Quality & Reliability

Nihon Spindle offers KG Series certified by CTI – Cooling Technology Institute.  It also offers UX Series which are certified by Japan Cooling Tower Institute (JCI) in accordance with Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS). 

These standards are strictly applied over a wide range of areas including product and component design, material selection and manufacturing process, test procedure and methodology, lifecycle and maintenance protocol and water quality standards.

Nihon Spindle employs a team of in-house auditors at each plant. The in-house auditors ensure all components and supplies are manufactured to Japan Industrial Standards (JIS), thereby ensuring a longer product lifespan and greater product reliability to the end users.

Crossflow Technology 
All cooling towers manufactured by Nihon Spindle are with crossflow technology. This provides countless advantages over conventional counterflow technology. A void section inside crossflow cooling towers allows instant and tool-free access to the internals of each cooling tower. A perforated maintenance walkway runs internally between each end wall, serving as a dry platform for technicians to conduct routine work safely with ease without shutting down the cooling tower. With over 50 years of research in the field of crossflow technology, Nihon Spindle successfully developed its largest single-cell capacity crossflow cooling tower, delivering over 1,500 RT in accordance with JIS B8609 standards by Japan Cooling Tower Institute (JCI)

Gravity Flow Water Distribution System
The unique distribution system is designed to evenly deliver hot water by natural gravity flow across the fill section without nozzle sprays or grommets. The elimination of nozzle sprays and grommets ensures choke-free water flow at all times, while the absence of nozzle sprays allows for water flow by natural gravity or zero energy flow without additional pumping requirements. In addition, the absence of nozzle sprays and grommets completely eliminates any replacement cost of such parts. Nihon Spindle water distribution system is a proprietary technology designed specifically for use with Nihon Spindle on fills. Nihon Spindle gravity flow water distribution systems have been field proven successfully since 1960s with continuous refinement over the years through technological advancement and complex engineering secrets of Nihon Spindle R&D team.

Heavy Duty Framework 
Robust structures provide excellent support to all areas and additionally strengthen at critical areas, i.e. cold water basin, mechanical skid, fill section, distribution basin, etc. All structures are hot dipped zinc galvanized for superior rust protection and longevity.

Super Low Noise
The cooling towers are designed in accordance with Japan Cooling Tower Institute (JCI) standard that has very stringent noise level criteria. The continuous development of super low noise fan further reiterate the commitment towards reducing noise level.

Energy Saving
Power consumption for the fan meets the international standards and guidelines and  the built-in drift eliminators help to reduce drift loss, thus conserving precious water resource. This all translates into savings in terms of operation costs to the building owner.

Space Saving 
The footprint per TR is very much smaller compared to standard models. These towers are purpose-built to achieve high thermal performance while maintaining minimum footprint. The cooling towers are designed for multi-cell construction, thus offering better flexibility in tower selection and operation.