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Our know-how has descended from a good family: Since 1972 Trocellen has been a successful brand of Dynamit Nobel and HT Troplast AG from Troisdorf with production plants in Germany, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Russia and Malaysia. End of 2000, the Trocellen Group was transformed into an independent company – the Trocellen GmbH. Further investments in our production technology lead to our unique market position – Trocellen is the only European foam producer offering both chemically cross linked and physically cross linked foams.
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  Duct Insulation        

Trocellen Green for duct insulation is used to prevent condensation and it also offers a long lasting
and constant thermal insulation.

Trocellen Green Duct insulation materials can be easily applied to the metal ducts through a
process of pre-adhesion.

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  Roof Insulation      

Trocellen Green Roof Insulation provides high performance thermal insulation and
an effective vapour barrier.

Trocellen Green Roof Insulation helps to improve indoor temperature and increase energy saving.

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  Tubular Pipe Insulation      

Trocellen Green Tubular Pipe Insulation offers a wide range of solutions for thermal insulation of tubular pipe to achieve the best possible energy savings.

Selection of the types of wall thickness of the insulation tubes largely depends on the external weather temperature and atmospheric humidity conditions where the pipelines are installed.

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  Raised Floor Insulation      

Trocellen Green is Raised Floor Insulation for raised access floor, computer floor or general office floor for wire or cable management.

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