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NS Cooling Towers Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of Nihon Spindle Manufacturing Co. Ltd., a leading Japanese company in the field of evaporative heat transfer technology. Our cooling towers feature high performance though uncompromised qualities, and are widely used all over the world for HVAC and industrial applications. Our products are well-known and trusted for their reliability, low noise performance, energy & space saving design and extensive support services.

  NS Cooling Towers also has manufacturing plants around Asia regions such as Dalian in China. We cover the Malaysian and worldwide market except China and Japan. Our export sales have also grown to include countries in South East Asia, the Middle East, Australia, Pakistan, African continent and also Puerto Rico.  
Geofinity Elemental Series GeoExchange systems combine R410A refrigerant, advanced integrated controls and the highest quality components and workmanship to provide efficient, clean and reliable performance for comfort throughout the year. Our diverse product line is available in configurations designed to provide solutions for any application.
  Nihon Spindle KX Series        
    Heavy Duty
The KX Series towers are specially designed for high performance and large capacity projects. The internal structures have been sized up significantly in order to ensure better solidity and rigidity.

Higher Capacity
The KX Series can deliver up to 750TR per cell which is 3 times more than our standard models. Such high capacity towers are suitable for very demanding projects such as district cooling, power stations, industrial plants etc.

Space Saving
The footprint per TR is very much smaller compared to standard models. These towers are purpose-built to achieve high thermal performance while maintaining minimum footprint. Our cooling towers are designed for multi-cell construction,thus offering better flexibility in tower selection and operation.
  Nihon Spindle WA Series      
    Super Low Noise
Our cooling towers are designed in accordance to Japan Cooling Tower Institute (JCI) standard which has very stringent noise level criterias. Our continous development on super low noise fan further reiterated our commitment towards reducing noise level.

Energy Saving
Our power consumption for the fan meets the international standard and guideline. Our built-in drift eliminators help to reduce drift loss, thus conserving precious water resource. This all translate back to savings in terms of operation costs to the building owner.

Space Saving
Our new cooling tower footprint is further reduced from previous generations. In additon, the new WAH series offers a much higher capacity per cell with similiar footprint to the WA series. Our cooling towers are designed for multi-cell construction, thus offering better flexibility in tower selection and operation.
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