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Welcome to CANI , at CANI it is really about you , more than that , it is about you and your users and their experiences of what we require. We have a tiny story to tell, a peek at who we are ……

Founded in 2001, CANI has been built on the fact that high technical competence has always been the driving force.We are exclusive business associates for high technology companies related to HVAC industry in India.

Our ability is to provide Highly Energy Efficient solutions with a wide range of innovative products that deliver the best in the world.

We continue to exceed our customers' expectation by bringing into the country highest quality products in the field of HVAC.
  What Makes Us Different  
In a short span of time CANI redefined the insulation business in India, with the successful launch of Polyolefin Materials, which have become almost an industry standard.

CANI brought Chilled Beam technology in to the country which proved enormous Energy Saving to the HVAC fraternity at the times when the entire world is facing energy crisis.

In the effort to save on the resources of mother earth and harnesses the Earth's renewable thermal energy.CANI has brought to you "GeoExchange system" the most energy-efficient, environmentally clean, and cost effective space conditioning technology today.
  Partners on every piece of business  
  At CANI we partner with you in projects from the conception stage. We believe in fostering trust and confidence in what you buy, and help ensure you always get the best. Every project we work on requires collaboration with client/ consultants/ Architects technical teams. Our team offers the best techno-commercial solution to the demanding needs.  
  Direct Access  
  No more " calls going unanswered" account managers promising things that can't be delivered. Unlike our competitors, we offer our clients direct access to the engineers who are actually delivering the solutions to you.  
  Our Team - Small, agile, creative  
  We have No Team of 20 people where you have no clue of what 12 of them do . AT CANI we have a small dedicated team of technically sound people, who know what they are doing when they service you.  
C - Continuous
A - And
N - Never ending
I - Improvement
CANI is committed to providing the highest quality product & services to our clients by :
  Consistently exceeding our clients expectations.
  Timely delivering our services & products to our Clients.
  Ensuring our personnel are update on product knowledge to service our clients.
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