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Halton is passionate about indoor environments. We offer business-enhancing products, systems, and services for comfortable, energy-efficient, and safe environments to customers who value people's wellbeing. Halton is involved from target-setting to facility use and focuses on creating positive indoor environment experiences for people.
  Chilled Beams        
  Low primary air flows
  Negligible maintenance as no moving parts
  Lesser chances of condensation as chilled water supply is at 14 to 16 deg.C
  Both active and passive
  Energy efficient design for Green Buildings
  Air Flow Products      
  Global leader in indoor climate technology
  Extensive range of Air Diffusion products
  Grills, Diffusers, Plenums, VAV Boxes
  Halton HIT design software for quick selection
  Elaborate R&D facilities available for CFD modeling of all products
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